The Vocal Factory

2016 Achievements

September/October Rock School Exams

In September and October 2016 The Vocal Factory entered thirteen students into the Rock School singing exams. Eleven students passed with distinctions which means that they scored ninety percent or higher, and the the remaining four students also did very well passing with merits which means they scored between seventy five and eighty nine percent.


We are very proud to announce that four of our students have been awarded with special certificates of achievement for scoring the highest mark nationally in their respective levels and instruments. Those students are Liat Dayan, Tamar Korzia, Candice Sassen and Riccardo Lipschitz.



University Acceptance

It is always great to see our students taking their music education all the way, as is the case with Dylan Willers who was accepted into the Jazz course at the University of Witwatersrand. We wish him much success in his very promising music career.

June/July Rock School Exams

We entered six students in these exams, five of which passed with distinctions and one student passed with a merit. We are thrilled with these results.

Special Mention

Graziella Gallucci, our first student to complete her grade eight rock school exam deserves a special congratulations as she earned her eighth distinction during these exams. Not only did she complete the final two grades with excellent results, but she did so during her matric year. We wish her well in Budapest and will miss her very much.

March Rock School Exams

Last but not least, our single entry for the March exams was Georgia Stoller, who of course earned a distinction. Georgia was our first and only student to enter three exams in one year and she passed all of them with flying colours!

This young talent has really shown us what dedication can look like as she excels in her singing as well as guitar, piano, modern dance, tap and musical theatre. In 2016 Georgia also represented South Africa in the American Dance Awards Competition and performed in various concerts and showcases. Now that is passion.

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