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"I have been a performing singer for many years but had never pursued formal vocal training before. Within a year of having Tamzyn as my vocal coach, I am truly amazed at how the quality in my voice has improved.

Her knowledge and insight and her ability to assess each song objectively has helped me to be my best.

Her honest, yet encouraging and knowledgeable teaching approach gave me the confidence to do my Rock School grade eight exam last year and obtain 96% for my practical exam.

I could never have done it without her.

She invests 100% of herself in her lessons and I'm excited to continue exploring this wonderful art form using her teaching methods."

- Christien Conradie

"The highlight of my week is definitely my singing lesson with Tamzyn.
Every lesson is a new and exciting way to both utilize and enhance skills, and also an opportunity to perform. Tamzyn is not only an incredible and dedicated teacher, which is evident by the results her students achieve, but she is also a caring friend who has only the best interests of her students at heart.

She nurtures everyone's talents in a way that is specialized for each particular student and ensures that everyone fulfills their highest potential, vocally and in their confidence. I'm proud to be one of her students."

-Tamar Korzia

"I've been a part of The Vocal Factory for about five years now. I am so grateful to have been a part of this amazing school and the experience and training it has given me. Through Tamzyn's guidance and patience with me these past years, I have improved on my singing technique and range as well being able to find myself as a performer. I am aspiring to study musical theatre next year overseas. Singing with Tamzyn has opened so many doors for me and has enriched my love for singing and performing. We are so fortunate as students of The Vocal Factory to be inspired under the influence of Tam."

-Georgia Stoller

"Tamzyn is just incredible in so many ways! I started with her as a thirty year old with no vocal training or experience whatsoever and with amazing lessons and effort in long distance communication Tam has brought me to the place of sharing the lead vocal in our gospel band. Not only is she an amazing technical coach but without her constant support and encouragement I would never have been able to stand on a stage and sing. I will continue to call on Tamzyn for her opinion and guidance for years to come. Thank you Tamzyn!"

-Nicky Wilson

"I have been a student with Tamzyn from The Vocal Factory for five years. My singing has improved incredibly due to her encouraging ability to make sure everything is perfect without making us feel under huge pressure. She has imparted a love of music that has given me a passion for singing."

-Candice Sassen

"I started singing with Tamzyn when I was 13 years old. She guided me patiently as my voice changed, trained me and gave me all the skills to be a singer. She also instilled in me the confidence needed to stand up on stage and perform. I am now almost 20 and I have sung in several performances and lead many services in the synagogue. I could not have done this without Tamzyn and her encouragement, passion and expertise."

-Lior Ronthal

"Tamzyn is a great singing teacher. In the last five years that I have been going to her, I have really learned to control my voice better than I could have ever imagined. I have learned a lot of songs, taking into account every single detail when we go through them to make sure that they are perfect for exams. I have really been able to keep up my range even though my voice is breaking as it does... teenager. I can actually sing higher now than I could before it cracked and obviously much lower. All in all I have had a great five years with her!"

-Yishai Basserabie

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